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History of Burana tower

Burana was built in 11th century by Karakhanids Empire. In the ancient Arabic language Burana means as “Minaret”. There is a legend that the king Karakhanid built this tower to protect his only daughter when a prophet had told that she would die from a widow spider bite.

Due many earthquakes damaged the minaret and it was reconstructed in the 1970.

There is a small museum exhibiting excavation findings like sculptures and fine art.

How to get there

Burana is located near the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek and take only 1.5 hour by car, that`s why you can visit the tower on a one day trip from Bishkek city. First you should reach Tokmok city by public bus from Bishkek called “marshurtka”. And from Tokmok to Burana tower you can take a taxi, because there is no another public bus.

If you are planning a day trip to Kyrgyzstan, than visiting Burana is the best choice.


Entry fee for the tower:  60 KGS

Entry fee for the museum:  40 KGS


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